About Us

PAGE2FRAME (P2F) is more than just an underground cinema magazine. It is a home - a platform for filmmakers whose voices are unheard. When nobody else will stand as a foundation for said filmmakers, PAGE2FRAME will. We believe in cinema to be more than just a ‘hobby’; cinema is an art, and art is essential to the human being.

Founded by Elijah Winfield in July of 2022, PAGE2FRAME aims to bring appreciation to the underappreciated filmmakers across the world - while paying homage to previous avant-garde/arthouse, underground, cult, etc. films from before our time.

Does that mean we won’t release a review, or an essay, about a newer arthouse film? (i.e. Céline Sciamma’s Petite Maman)

No. We probably will.

P2F is an overall celebrator of arthouse cinema. We believe a film can be many things at once, boundless even. With that being said, why must P2F be restricted to a singular form?

Referring back to our mission statement, we want to discover, and bring light to more underground, or emerging filmmakers by:

  1. Providing interviews.

  2. Writing reviews.

  3. Staying ‘in the loop’ with past, current, or upcoming releases
    by said filmmakers.

  4. Announcing film release dates (with the consent of the artist).

  5. Announcing films on release.

  6. Bringing a spotlight to arthouse production and distribution studios etc.


Founder / Creative Director: Eijah Winfield

Editor-In-Chief: Jacob Dylan

Managing Editor: Abhinav Sonthwal

Associate Editor: Tanaka Mutizwa

Associate Creative Director: Kali Sime

Design Director: Vu Nhat Nguyen

Editors: Ellis Lamai (Reviews), Jose Lopez (Interviews), and Vincent Fuentes (Essays)

Copyeditors: Theodore Clark, K.J. Johnson, Michael Irvine, and Diego Garcia

Circulation Director: Anderson Hauptli

Designer: Mary Kurbanov, Cody Dunne, Jonah Breaux

Staff Writers: Aryan Chaudhari, Abe Nevin, Ana Saplala, Ashish Noel Tirkey, Austin Vaughn, Elysia Kirk, Jenji Mizuta, Jeremy Julian, Kesensa Mordi, Liam Williams, Casey Robles, John Olorun, Quinton Bishop, Zeke Frankl, Khat Patrong, Rafay Hasnain, and Osiris Chacona


Ed the Croc

Artwork by Mary Kurbanov

PAGE2FRAME was founded in early July, 2022.

A Home for the Cinema Underground