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“In poetry, all words are made empathetic“

Clocking in at under a minute, Simi Abe’s Moonlight Bruises Girls takes a brief, albeit poignant, glance into our relationship with words.The film plays as a montage of specific items and images crossed with particular words and phrases that seem to play as recurring tropes throughout poetry. The visual imagery at hand doesn’t have any specific connotation to the words highlighted on screen, it’s more of an interpretive treat for the viewer to put together. I particularly found a strong personal link between the napkin filled with red lipstick kisses and the word ‘bruises’ featured in frame. Moonlight Bruises Girls is what you make of it, a cryptic journey that carries words and symbols which may or may not have meaning to you depending on who you are and where you’re going. The combinations are endless.

(written by Diego Garcia; cover by Mary Kurbanov)

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